About Us

Welcome to our Wax World at Wax Wild.

Why Wax Wild?

Simple, people go wild for our homemade Wax Melts and Reed Diffusers.

We had no intentions on making this a business as we are both getting on in years now and didn't want to expend the energy. But, we buckled to pressure.

Got 2 minutes?

OK, quick story....

We began by making wax melts initially then moving on to Reed Diffusers for ourselves.

Why did we do this?

Checking out the competition, we found the mass-produced options (from some very big-brand household names you'll instantly recognize) were terribly disappointing and didn't come anywhere near our expectations.

The smell was weak and diluted, especially for the prices they charged. We knew we could produce better, much better.

Anyway, enough of 'we'...this is about YOUR enjoyment and value for money, right?

Why Should YOU Buy From Us?

Let's start with the wax melts.

We insist on only the best quality wax.

It's exclusively blended with soy and other natural waxes. Bio-degradable and vegan friendly.

No animal products are used and no animal testing has been carried out in its manufacture.

Fragrance Oil? We use the most aromatic (hard-to-find) fragrances.

You may be asking why we don't use Essential Oils in our wax melts like some other brands?

Here's why, and something they won't tell you either....

We don't use essential oils simply because the cost to us would be phenomenal.

Your wax melt would cost more than a small tropical island.

When someone says 'made with essential oils', generally, they just put a tiny drop in, meaning they can (comfortably) state they use it...and the rest is 'bulked' out with fragrance oils.

So now you know.

EVERYTHING is freshly hand made, with love, care and attention. No mass production. No ugly steel robots, no mindless machines like those big-chain guys.

Every creation off our production line is a wax melt masterpiece.

It gets the Midas touch.

Melted at just the right temperature, then carefully and skillfully hand-poured into clam shells. Next a rigorous quality check from top to bottom, then carefully cured.

It goes through another final inspection before being packaged with the utmost care and attention, ready to be shipped to one of our awesome customers (YOU).

Melting one of these wax melt masterpieces in your chosen room is an experience to behold.

Wait a moment for that awesome aroma explosion to invade your expectant nostrils. In fact you could almost swear you can hear soft soothing music filling the air with angels serenading you.

These are no ordinary wax melts....no sir.

Check out our array of amazing fragrances. We have only included the top-sellers.

"Wow" is the first thing people say when they get one of these melts in their hands and hold it to their noses....a luxurious smell sensation!

Oh, and for those of you who prefer a lighter fragrance, we've got YOU covered too.

Don't take our word for it, try one for yourself and see.

You can always ask a question to the WaxWild Team......HERE!